A Lesson from My Daughter


Alana brought home a little plastic cup about a month ago filled with dirt – she told me she was growing a bean. She is my child that lives somewhere between dancing gumdrops and a third dimension of sparkles and chewing gum; if she thought she was growing a bean in this dirt I wasn’t going to be the one to burst her bubble. Long story short – this little cup sat in the hot car for about 8 days where it became dry and dusty dirt. The contents of the cup spilled out not once, but twice, and were haphazardly scooped up and back into the broken little cup. Once it made it into the house, the cup was filled to the brim with water creating a thin mud that sloshed over the top.

I was thinking she had as much of a chance of a magic bean stock growing out of this cup as she had a bean sprouting. About a week later Lana ceremoniously presented me with the cup with a long green stem growing out of it.

Well I’ll be a monkey’s uncle…

Risking a bad metaphor –I’ve felt like my life lately has been like Lana’s little cup of dirt – a hot little mess. You plan for one thing then life happens and things don’t look so sure anymore. I just keep reminding myself that the only way to get through it is to find beauty in the mess and know that somehow something meaningful will flourish.

Lana doesn’t know how much I need her – how much I need her innocence and smiles right here with me. She knew something that I didn’t about that little bean, that where there is doubt there is room for failure. Lana doesn’t doubt, she trusts and she has unwavering faith. She reminds me everyday to replace my doubt with faith – faith that through the mess something beautiful will flourish. She is my love, and my extraordinary woman of the day.

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