CVS Lady…


Random Alert.

Today’s extraordinary woman of the day is going to be the cashier at the CVS down the street from me. Obsession is a strong word – I like to call it “spirited devotion”. I have a spirited devotion to CVS; it is not as serious as my devotion to the Golden Girls or chocolate but it’s up there on the list. Once CVS started doing their Reward Bucks program…. don’t even get me started, I get giddy thinking about it. Anyways, this cashier who I will lovingly call CVS Lady, is so cheerful. She always has a big hello when you walk into the store, she always remembers to swipe your rewards card, she gets excited for you when you have big savings, and she wishes you a great day when you walk out of the store. Just today she told the woman in front of me, looking much like Chiquita Banana, how beautiful her hair was. She made the woman’s day with a simple compliment. How cool is that?

Customer service now a days has turned into a nightmare. Who hates the automated voice? The automated voice has made the world and angrier place. How about the foreign representative that reads off their little script? Granted, they have a better working knowledge of the English language than I have of Hindi but I am not lining up for a job as a sales rep for New Delhi! How about the angry employees at fast food restaurants? They scare me, every last one of them. CVS Lady is a refreshing change to a world of angry and spiteful customer service employees.

I know nothing more about her than her day-to-day interactions with her customers. I hope people are as kind to her as she is to others. CVS Lady is the bee’s knees and an extraordinary woman for not underestimating the power of being cheerful, saying hello, and giving a compliment. Now go be nice…

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