Former Abortion Clinic Owner, Carol Everett


Yesterday was the beginning of Lent. For us Catholics that means a full day of people telling us we have something on our forehead. I took for granted growing up in New England where Catholics were predominant, no one would come running at you out of concern with a mirror thinking you had an accident with the printer’s ink… I even had a stranger try and rub the ashes off. For those who know me, I really value my 3 feet of personal space…not a comfortable moment.

Anywho…without further ado, on to my woman of the day, Carol Everett. Carol is a former abortion Clinic owner who oversaw 35,000 abortions; she has quite the story.  Making hundreds of thousands of dollars each year from her cut off each abortion Carol had her eyes set upon opening five total abortions clinics and raising her income to a seven digit figure. In the midst of her efforts to restructure and expand her business of abortion she hired a business counselor. However, rather than counsel her to expand her business he planted a seed in her to leave the abortion industry completely. Confused, Carol began to pray for a sign from God asking that He would let her know what she should do.

Many of us think that listening for God to speak to us means we should sit and wait for a loud ominous voice to enlighten us from the clouds. Is your name Moses? You have a burning bush in your yard? Didn’t think so. To be honest if I hear a loud voice coming from the clouds I’m taking a Xanax an drawing the blinds. But really, to hear God speak to us we must recognize His presence all around us, soften our hearts, and let Him speak to us through those He places in our life.

Carol Everett got the sign she was praying for, rather than cheapen her awesome story with an abridged version I invite you all to read it at the link I have posted below. Since leaving the abortion clinic and 35,000 abortions in her rear view she has been forced to look back. Her memories of the clinic are nothing short of disturbing. But, with a renewed heart, she has now dedicated her life to exposing the business of scheming manipulation and lies that end the life of children and damage the hearts of women.

Carol describes in detail how they would sell abortions. Convince women they held the “solution” to their “problem”. Women simply calling for information when experiencing an unexpected pregnancy were suddenly on the phone with sales men and women who were in the abortion business paid to be their “friend” counseling them to abort. Did they make a dime off of women who didn’t abort? Nope. At an abortion mill they don’t care about the mothers, fathers and especially not the babies – just the money.

They can’t admit it themselves when they go in the back and have little 6-week fetuses, babies that they put down disposals, and that’s how we did it in our clinic. The clinics in Dallas use disposals so none of those crazy Pro-Lifers will come and get them out of the trash anymore and bury them the way they did. So, they lie to her. You know, if you look at abortion from the face, I cannot tell you one thing that happens in an abortion clinic that is not a lie….

Carol is an extraordinary woman because she stands as an example to all of us that it is never too late to make things right. It is never too late to make better choices and in her case live to affirm life rather than destroy it. I can imagine how hard it must be recounting the story of her own abortion and the abortions she oversaw for years, but she does it. She has become the voice of each unborn life that was taken in her clinics; she makes sure they are heard.

Carol being my extraordinary woman for today is quite fitting for it being the beginning of Lent, a season of penance, reflection and fasting to prepare us for Easter. In other words, Lent is a time to take a look at the life we’ve been living and really examine if it is a life we’d be prepared to explain away as we stand at the pearly gates. If we can identify things that we shouldn’t be doing or identify areas in our life where we are “takers” more than “givers” then we have these 40 days to readjust. The great part of it is that even if we’ve been doing something quite terrible with our lives it is never too late to change it around and be the servant God has called each of us to be. Not too shabby…

For more about Carol Everett’s story simply google her name or visit the link below for a transcript of a speech she gave about her experiences.

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